Time 07 Jan – 09 Jan, 2022
Organizer Färjestad BK Hockeyallians
Location Värmland
För spelare födda 2010 or later
Duration 2x15min
Number of games 6-8

Start the new hockey year with a bang – with Nordic Youth Trophy U12!


The tournament is played with a qualification round followed by playoffs in different levels so that all teams along the way will get to face teams on their own level. This makes Nordic Youth Trophy the perfect fit for all players and teams, regardless of skill level!


Example cup format:


QUALIFYING PLAY (7th & 8th of January): Teams are placed into 6-team groups, all teams in the group play each other, 5 games in total.


PLAYOFFS (January 9): According to your teams placement in the standings playoff groups are created in different levels (A-, B-, C-, D-playoffs and so on). All teams play playoffs. The two highest ranked teams in each playoff group qualifies directly for semifinals. The other four teams in each group play quarterfinals. 1-3 games in total in the playoffs.


Please note that the cup format is flexible and may be subject to change depending on number of teams in the cup.


SIGN UP via the submission form by clicking here!


Registration fee per team: 4 500 SEK
Entry fee:
incl. hard floor accommodation, e.g. school or gymnasium.
players: 900 SEK
coaches: 450 SEK


Meals included: 2x breakfast, 2x lunch, 2x dinner 2x supper and snack.



Registration to Nordic Youth Trophy is binding and the Registration fee is not refundable. Registration fee will be invoiced upon registration.  An invoice for the Entry fee will be sent after the tournament. The Entry fee is refundable up to 50 %, in case of disease certified by a doctor. Färjestad BK Hockey Alliance reserves the right to choose participating teams in the event of a full tournament. The Registration fee will in this case be refunded.


Select teams are not allowed. In cases where teams need to loan players to reach a full roster the tournament office must be contacted for approval.