The events of Nordic Season (Nordic Youth Trophy, Girl Power Camp, Girl Power Cup and Nordic Hockey Camp) are arranged on 15 locations in Värmland.


Preliminary event locations 2016/2017:

Girl Power Camp, 11-14 August

Filipstad och Kristinehamn

Nordic Youth Trophy U14, 2-4 September

Munkfors, Hagfors, Sunne, Forshaga

Nordic Youth Trophy U13, 23-25 September

Arvika, Vålberg, Grums, Åmål, Kil, Filipstad, Hammarö

Nordic Hockey Camp, 31 October-2 November


Girl Power Cup, 4-6 November

Säffle, Charlottenberg

Nordic Youth Trophy U11, 6-8 January

Charlottenberg, Arvika, Kristinehamn, Vålberg, Kil

Nordic Youth Trophy U12, 6-8 January

Sunne, Säffle, Karlskoga, Filipstad, Munkfors, Hagfors

Nordic Youth Trophy U15, 17-19 March

Åmål, Grums, Hammarö

Nordic Youth Trophy U16, 17-19 March

Kil, Karlskoga